Workwear Showroom

Purpose-Built, an apparel supplier to America’s tradespeople, partnered with Grand + Benedicts on a reimagining of their retail space.

Hardworking Merchandising

Purpose-Built’s main objectives were cost-effectiveness and an “outside-in” interior aesthetic. G+B helped them achieve the first goal by using off-the-shelf Burnside store fixtures wherever possible to minimize cost. The modular nature of this system allowed for adaptation throughout the store.

A perfect blend of custom feel and smart design helped Purpose Built get their first concept store off the ground, and ready for growth.

Real-world features helped to make a connection with customers, and to envision the gear in a work environment.

Authenticity Comes Standard

In addition to using our simple, strong, adaptable Burnside shelving system, we also incorporated real-world features into the design. Things like a pergola-covered central meeting hub, cable spools, scaffolding, and even an old truck really helped to hone in on an “outside-in” feel. This creates a connection with the customer, helping them to envision their new gear in a work environment.

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