Concept Development

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This is where the fun begins. After exploring your brand and learning your needs and desires, we put our creative team to work for you. It’s a collaborative process. You’re presented some options, we do some fine-tuning, and off we go.


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We bring creative sensibility to design, and keep budgets in check from the start. Our in-house design team provides 3D renderings, 2D design and graphic design assistance. We always keep manufacturing considerations in mind and ensure the fixtures stand up to tough retail environments.

Material Research

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We specialize in complex materials, and take pride in experimenting with different finishes to get the exact look you want. Our materials experts know how to locate the best materials in the world while keeping costs in check. If we don’t have it, we will find it.


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Translating designs into production-ready drawings is a vital step to success. If you come to us with a finished design, we’ll make it buildable, capitalizing on every possible efficiency along the way. When starting from scratch, we design and engineer simultaneously to minimize project duration.

Project Management

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Our expertise in project management is a huge reason people do business with us. Our project management team brings their A-game, every day of the week. Put them to work; they love to feel needed! From day 1, you’ll get access to a friendly, veteran team of project managers, who will lift the weight off your shoulders.


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It’s ok to change your mind again, and again. Producing store fixtures is an evolving process! Whether your prototyping process is handled domestically for quick turnaround, or offshore for maximum savings, we are involved from start to finish. In addition to providing state-of-the-art prototypes, we also churn out lightning-fast models in our 3D printer. Watch yourself!


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This is where we see the results from rock solid engineering and perfected prototypes. We can whip out a kick-ass fixture program using domestic manufacturing sources, global partners, or blend both. We take every measure to ensure the utmost quality, including a six-step quality control process, administered by our QC Team. This is no time for surprises, and we’ll make sure you don’t have any.


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Luckily, we don’t operate like a Swedish knock-down furniture chain. Our in-house team can assemble your fixtures and employs its extensive woodworking and metal fabrication skills to ensure no fixture gets delivered before being smoothed to perfection.  (Tiny disposable wrenches not included.)


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Orchestrating over 1,100 store-openings and remodels per year requires more than good organization. It takes massive warehouses, dozens of shipping docks, and a squad ready to fire! We have it all. Orders are rolled out in flat packages, blanket wrapped or crated. Sit back and relax while we sail your store to shore.


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After 25 years of handling new store or remodel installations, we’ve learned a few things about minding our nails and screws. Our team of retail-savvy professionals has knocked out seamless installations for everything from single stores to multiple super stores.