Brilliant Earth, the leading retailer of ethically sourced fine and bridal jewelry, initially partnered with us back in 2016 to produce millwork, showcases and jewelry boxes for their new brick and mortar showrooms. We were thrilled that they hired us again for this showroom makeover.


Working closely with their design firm, MG2, we tailored the engineering to the designs to make them buildable. Glass, Corian, millwork, contoured wall panels, and LED showcases were some of the deliverables of this program.

Upon achieving a successful prototype store, we are in the process of rolling out future Brilliant Earth showrooms.

FSC Chain
of Custody

Our FSC chain of custody certification allows us to use the FSC label, giving consumers assurance about the origin of the products they buy. Here is an example of FSC certified wood ring boxes we produced for Brilliant Earth.

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