Cost Effective &
Results Driven

At Grand + Benedicts, we’re obsessed with great, yet sensible design. We are driven by the desire to create rich and powerful brand experiences that are practical, cost effective and produce results.

We go Beyond

Working with us is a true collaboration. We actively seek to understand you and your brand. We believe in creative brainstorming that results in truly inspired experiences across all touch points. Our Portland design team specializes in concept development using a 3D modeling software called SolidWorks. From single fixtures to full stores, our creative synergy culminates in conceptual designs and photo realistic 3D renderings. We think you will be pleased.

Rev up Your
Design Process

To expedite product development, we mobilize our global team in the US and China to work around-the-clock to jump start your fixture program. If there is a way to reach grand opening faster, we will find it.


Brand Exploration
Concept Development
Fixture Modeling
3D Renderings
Graphic Design Assistance
Interior Design